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The Mind Odyssey Art Exhibit features talented artists.

When at the exhibit please set windlight to Midnight.

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Shirl Tainted Angel

Virtual Artist - Real Life Performer

Images by Virtual-HG

Shirl-Tainted Angel

When I first met Shirl she entered a Gingerbread House contest we had, at the time she explained she was a bit shy about presenting her work, like most artists.  Her Gingerbread house was beautifully decorated with all the goodies and she had hearts too.  You will see lots of hearts in her work as she is one of the most kind persons too.  I bet you didn't know that she is also a Real Life Performer too, she sings.

This is her blog where you can learn more about The Shirls

Please stop by Mind Odyssey and see the exhibit. Odyssey

Break the Matrix!

Nyx Breen

 Virtual Artist - Real Life Art Curator and Performer

Images by Virtual-HG

I first discovered Nyx Breen 3D Immersive Virtual Artist seeing an ad he had posted at Opensimworld. It looked incredibly like what I had envisioned for our Mind Odyssey exhibit, only I did not know quite how to achieve the effects I wanted to present. Sure, I had played with scripts and particles and did use a few. But in comparison my art is lacking the "feeling" I hoped to capture which Nyx brilliantly displays in his work. It has moved me so much that I asked Nyx if he would like to join our exhibit and display his work too at Mind Odyssey, to my delight he has accepted and will be working on his exhibit in the coming days.  I say days because when I asked about how long it took him to create his display, he smiled and said 20 minutes.  Brilliant again, most people it takes 20 minutes to find the piece of paper to jot down their ideas.

In no time you will be able to enjoy his work at Mind Odyssey, we welcome you Nyx.  

 I asked Nyx about his work, "I have been creating in Virtual worlds since 2007, starting in Second Life and going out into the Open Sims Worlds. Imagine being inside a painting and suddenly surrounded by the objects depicted in the image. This is the closest description of what my art looks and feels like to an individual in virtual worlds. In Open Sims, many grids are designed and developed by the occupants of that specific grid. This is reflected in the sims and entertainment available on that sim, be it clubs, roleplay, or individual-themed sims. For example, visiting a specific sim for just an Art experience is not high on the list of most individuals in their daily virtual world travels. When they visit an art-themed sim, it is usually a gallery with authentic life images or virtual world images and virtually created sculptures, all of which is great to experience. Yet does not represent the potential of what Virtual Art can be with the resources available to VR artists currently. An individual should be able to experience an OMG moment when they participate in an immersive Artscape. Seeing and being part of a unique virtual environment is the objective of the art I create."

Currently:  I have art installations in the OpenSim grid for the OS Art Fest 2022. hop:// 

A new 3D Artscape-based sim called Immersive with 15 unique experiences. hop://

My original sim Aedifex has a couple dozen installations to explore, some on a massive scale. hop://

All Artscapes should be viewed in Midnight WL, draw maxed to 1024, Max Avatar setting to 66 and have a graphic setting as high as possible. Upcoming Events:   A group project with fellow artists on the Alternate Metaverse grid for the upcoming AMV Summer Festival of the Arts & Carnival.    Festival dates are Friday, August 12-Monday, August 15th


Nyx features his work at  Alternate Metaverse Grid 

Mind odyssey

Immersive Art

Nyx presents, Waverly Walls+, Opposition, Forces in Motion, and 6 Sided Singularities

Beautifully blended colors and expertly applied textures..

When viewing the exhibits Nyx created you need to take the time to absorb and feel what he is trying to convey.  You feel the positive and negative forces in Forces of Motion; 6  Sided Singularities try to figure out how this illusion was created.  Waverly Walls is created blending beautiful hues of magenta and blue. He also added a piece that I created to the exhibit, explaining to me how he illuminated it to making it unrecognizable to me-the talent here will inspire you. Please come feel the experience. Odyssey

Cherry Manga

Virtual Artist

Cherry's Psychedelic Art 

Images by Virtual-HG

An experience that captures the imagination...