Lost Gardens of Apollo

 "The Lost Gardens of Apollo" was once a well known place in Second Life, built by Dane Zander. Online from 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfectly rebuilt by Delphi Bernard and approved by Dane himself.   I remember seeing The Lost Gardens of Apollo in SL around 2007, I would go there to dance at this pavilion.  A beautiful romantic night under the stars, I adored this place.  When I first discovered it in Opensim, I spent time again exploring the beautiful places to cuddle and spend quiet time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Beautifully detailed with Persian rugs and stunning torch lanterns.  It is easy to fall in love here.  

I will ask Reyn on a date and spend time dancing here again.  This place is spellbinding.

Please take time to visit Lost Gardens of Apollo add this to your map
 anettes-welt.de:8002:The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Reyn and I had that date, he actually wore "pants" :)


When you step into Stella Polaris, Magical Dreams region you will feel as if you floated into a fairytale dream.  Soft pastels, shimmering lights, and sun rays - this is magical.  One must simply experience the dreamlike estate to really capture what Bink Draconia has captured.  

Please add to your map search :  offworld.eu:8002:Stella Polaris 

created by Bink Draconia

...an eye for the arts Bink expresses fantasy beautifully.


Fred Beckhusen and partner Debbie Edwards, with the help of Joe Builder have been creating an Egyptian region that expands 6 Million Square virtual feet!  It is a region that words are mere in comparison, you must see this place! Add this url to your map: www.outworldz.com:9000:Alexandria 

The images captured here were using Singularity setting PyFx Memory v1

Fred has NPC who Roleplay Cleopatra's Shakespearian Play. Give yourself time to fully appreciate all the details here.  

Fred explains, "It took 3 years to make the first Alexandria 4X4 sim.  It took a year for Debbie and I to make and paint the Cleopatra avatar in Blender, Avastar and in Substance Painter.  The other 5 newer regions are also 4X4s and took about 6 months to plan and make. They cover 6,291,456 sq meters, or 7,524,518 square yards, and the regions are 2 miles across." 

 Hand Maiden greets and welcomes you.

Vivid colors against earthen walls...

You will see Sphinx and Egyptian Dogs, markets and beautiful tile everywhere.  The Sphinx is massive, Fred never compromises on the details.  Giving his world depth and texture, incredibly realistic - you feel as if you have stepped back into time to another place.

Cleopatra's story is given here in a Kiosk as Outworldz Alexandria Book, please make sure you obtain one. Her story, this place...is exquisitely presented by Fred and Debbie.

Please contact for more information   MeWe

Wyldwood Bayou

Tucked away in the heart of the Louisiana bayou there stands a rickety wooden shack with a sign at the door. "Welcome. When you're here, you're family. Sure you still want in?" And it's a warning to take seriously, because they MEAN it! These people will take you into their hearts - I stepped into that wooden shack years ago after a long time 

wondering where everyone on the hypergrid was and have never left. Durham Redmond Wyldwood Bayou’s Rockin the Blues club's goal since their inception is to provide the "Tribe" members and visitors with an entertaining, safe and fun place to party, relax, and make new friends. They strive every day to meet that goal and create that “Tribe vibe” that feels like home. Rockin' the Blues (RTB) was established in InWorldz in 2012 by Kira Whitehawk, (Kira Wyldfire). Kira left this Earth in January of 2019 but remains in the hearts of her Tribe, as she is the soul of the Bayou. Kith and Kira brought the club to OpenSim in 2018 where RTB soon celebrated its seventh anniversary. 2021 will see a celebration of 10 years of Rockin’ the Blues and the first anniversary on their very own grid. Watch for notices for the first Anniversary celebrations at the end of October, it will be fun and exciting!

The awesome Tribe has followed RTB throughout the years and in 2020, Kith and the Tribe founded their own grid, Wyldwood Bayou Grid (WWB) to give Rockin the Blues, the other music venues and the roleplayers a permanent home where “No one leaves here without singing the blues”. WWB endeavors to continue Kira's vision by bringing you the best blues in a safe and inclusive atmosphere where all are welcome to enjoy great music, build lasting friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. The grid is deliberately non-commercial. No regions are sold, no parcels are rented, only staff and roleplayers live there. The focus is on friendships, sharing the music, roleplay and in creating an ethos of tolerance, inclusiveness, and family. Longtime Tribe Member Lilie has this to say about her experience: ”I have been a member of Rockin the Blues going way back, love them then, love the place now. Kith is the grid owner and DJ, an all-around wonderful person. Wyldwood Bayou is a great place to come and have fun with the Tribe so come and join us.” Let's talk music! Friday through Sunday the Rockin the Blues Tribe gets together at 6 pm and parties, laughs, chats about everything and anything... and enjoys Blues in its many forms at RTB. Monday at 6 pm is DJ's choice at Hot Daddy’s (HD) and anything goes! If you've never been to HD, it’s an immersive experience, not just a music set, so get ready to dress the part! Every other month we hold a special event - Lady Blue: “Dirty Blues” Cabaret. This event features fun, lighthearted “Dirty Blues” all with intimate topics, sexy innuendos and adult language and content. The dress is formal, but the party is relaxed, joyful and downright naughty. (Adults only) Sunday mornings at 9am, try DJ Kith's Sunday Morning Brunch at the Bayou Belle for "chillin' smooth blues. WWB DJ's bring the music, but the Tribe brings the fun!! Long standing Tribe member Autumn has this to say about WWB: “The people are great: friendly and family. The music is the best and we also have the best dance pads around. I love the fun and joking that goes on. If you’re in a down mood, WWB is the place to go to replace the RL blues with the WWB blues and people who are friends and there for you. Can’t beat the place.”

 And then there’s the roleplay: Wyldwood Bayou also hosts two fabulous Medi/Fantasy role playing groups - Ravenquest and Brigantia Isles. With nine 4x4 regions, this RP HUB has lots to offer, and tons of space to play. Every month they host a combined roleplay called "Market". Market is open to everyone on the hypergrid and is your opportunity to try out roleplay in a relaxed setting. Come as any character you envision. Times vary, so watch OpenSim World for notices. The second and fourth Thursday of every month it's time for the Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay event on Taibhreamh. This is another great opportunity to introduce yourself and try out some improvisational roleplay. Beginning roleplayers are especially welcome and can count on support to get started. Wednesday at 4pm is the Brigantia Isles roleplay. It’s Medi-Fantasy, good vs. evil in a world of magic. Brigantia follows an elaborate legendary story line. Their roleplay is about unraveling the past, protecting their world from dark magic and villains with elves, humans and fae the primary characters. Brigantia Isles also hosts a Firelight Chat every Tuesday at 4pm; open to all it is a good opportunity to meet the roleplayers in a casual setting. Contact Contessa Lacombe. Ravenquest holds their weekly roleplay session Sundays at 11am right after Brunch on the Bayou Belle. Think Medi-Fantasy with portals and time travel. With a mixed cast of characters and grid hopping roleplaying destinations, this group of street theatre players improvises extended epic stories. Ravenquest likes to roleplay on other grids and may show up on your doorstep looking for a place to set a story. Contact Fitheach Eun. Come explore! Wyldwood Bayou Grid has several regions of interest. One is the Wyldwood Bayou Region which also showcases Kira’s build of “N'Awlins”. Her build includes many replicas of historic locations in that great city like Storyville, the red light district. The Absinthe Bar where the great poets of the time used to carouse. The Voodoo Queen, Marie LaVeau’s house. The historic Café Lafitte in Exile, and the ever-famous Beignets. Catch a boat, a horse or a jeep, but take your time and enjoy, there is tons of detail that you won’t want to miss. There are other lovely regions on the grid that merit a visit. Check out Orcas Island, Wolfs Run, Sichuan Sanctuary, Isla Pacifica. Indigo Hills and Tir na nOg, all great builds by Tribe members. Don’t miss the roleplay regions either, they are well worth exploration! Boats are available at the market dock on the Roleplay Hub. Take a sail around all nine regions especially Taibhreamh, Brigantia, Fairy Dust and Murkwood: lots to see, trails to follow and surprises around every corner. There is always something new. Grab the Self-guided tour information at the venues and the RP Hub. If you're not sure where to find all this activity, it's the Wyldwood Bayou grid. Hypergrid:http://wyldwoodbayou.com:8002 Opensim World:https://opensimworld.com/hop/83426, Website:https://wyldwoodbayou.com There's something going on every day. If you've been wondering where all the activity is on the hypergrid - now you know. We'd love you to come and be a part of it. This Is Our House, so come join us in Wyldwood Bayou Grid and lets “Keep on Playing the Blues”. (Kira Whitehawk).